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Services Available from the Fountains TwoDog Team

- TwoDog Forest Inventory Software Sales, Support, and Training
- Packaged Hardware and Software Inventory Solutions
- Field Computers (HP, Juniper Systems, Magellan, Trimble)
- GPS Hardware
- ESRI Software for Field and Office
- Forestry Technology Needs Assessment

The TwoDog Field to Office Inventory Solution

TwoDog is a forest inventory software package used by natural resource managers to make informed forest management decisions and accurate timber valuations.

Created in 1993 for foresters by foresters, TwoDog software has consistently been a leading tool for forest resource inventory and management. Over this time TwoDog has built a reputation for providing a robust suite of functions in a highly customizable package. Not only does it excel at providing accurate timber volumes and values; TwoDog has been designed to collect and process information on a wide range of variables that concern natural resource managers.

Two key components make up the TwoDog Solution. OfficeDog is a fully functional inventory processor which runs on your Windows powered office PC. It provides extensive custom inventory design and setup tools along with data entry, calculation, and reporting. PocketDog runs on Windows Mobile based handheld computers as a field data collector and processor providing up-to-now volume and value summaries and statistics. The graphical interface and touch screen streamline and simplify data collection in an intuitive manner that needs little to no training for field personnel.

Key Product Features


Office Forest Inventory Manager and Processor

  • Robust Inventory Design Options
  • Easily Adapt to Any Forest Region
  • Highly Customizable Data Entry
  • Multiple User Defined Fields
  • Point, Plot, 100% and Double Point Sampling
  • Comprehensive Reports Including Statistics
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


Field Data Collection and Processing

  • Single Touch Data Entry
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Up-to-Now Field Data Summaries
  • Tree Grading and Multiple Products Per Tree
  • Store GPS Locations for Each Point
  • Runs on Windows Mobile

Additional TwoDog Forest Inventory Solution Features

  • User defined species and product lists
  • Standard or user defined volume tables
  • Point, plot, and 100% inventories
  • Report volume in board feet, tons, cubic feet, and cords
  • Tree grading and multiple products per tree
  • Perform multiple sample types within same data entry screen
  • Sample for whole tree metrics such as biomass while also evaluating timber volume and value
  • Customizable data entry screens (tree level, point level, stand level, tract level)
  • Create multiple user defined fields to capture the exact information you need
  • Double-point sampling
  • Stump cruising including stump to total height regression
  • Sub-sampling of merchantable or total height
  • Custom sample options for non-timber concerns
  • Regeneration, exotic invasive species, down woody debris, wildlife, etc.
  • Site index calculations
  • Sample reliability and suggested sample size
  • Stratification by stand in the field or office
  • Select volume calculation settings by individual species and products
  • All standard volume tables and log rule equations are included
  • Custom volume table editor
  • Input dollar values for valuation in the office or field
  • Comprehensive reports including statistics on volume and value
  • Tract-level reporting
  • User-defined pick lists for standardized prompts
  • All raw field data and calculated values stored in MS Access for easy export and GIS link
  • OfficeDog and PocketDog seamlessly link for data exchange




PocketDog Exporter for ArcMap

Field Hardware





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